Looking into PSI-Pay’s Innovative Contactless Payment

PSI-Pay a UK-based digital account and card payment facilities have partnered with Kerv Wearables to introduce contactless payment services. The partnership will see PSI-Pay allow access to Kerv contactless payment ring users using PSI-Pay‘s MasterCard license in its 38 million locations globally. Following the partnership, Kerv users can top up their accounts via credit or debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer or auto-top up.

Users of the new payment ring can make payments of up to £30, manage funds, and can receive transactions via SMS, website or app. The contactless NFC payments can be used in trains and buses among other transport networks. The company managing director Phil Davies expressed his gratitude being chosen to work with Kerv in offering innovative alternative payments that are useful and exciting. He noted that as the market adopts revolutionary payment applications, PSI-Pay is privileged to share in Kerv’s success.

According to the firm, their best year was 2015 when they managed to complete a strategic overhaul together with robust supplier links. This included technological investment to enhance security. In 2015, their income revenue increased by 45%, business volume by 29%, and pre-tax profits by 5.5%. They offer four types of products; physical payment card, virtual payment cards, contactless payments and online payment accounts. These products adapt to requirements ensuring they safeguard funds in addition to meeting all scheme and regulatory requirements.

To enhance the safety of each financial transaction, the company uses a PayPass card that is encrypted to protect transaction data. The PayPass technology integrates layers of protection to keep off unauthorized purchases. In regards to Brexit, the company assured its customers, corporate and consumers that it has mechanisms in place to make business as usual for them. PSI Pay team led by MD, Phil Davies had already put a defining answer to work that proved to be a wise decision.

The company presence on social media is resourceful especially their Twitter handle @PSI-PayLtd providing useful information about the company. Their bio on LinkedIn is precise and accurate offering a way of interaction with jobs, employees, people who can help build your business.

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