Looking Out For Your First Impression

In the digital society that we live in today, a potential employer or people who want to meet you may not wait for a face-to-face meeting in order to get an impression. It’s highly likely that their first impression of you may be through a Google Search. Located in Austin, with other offices in Los Angeles,San Francisco, New York and San Paulo, Status Labs wants to make sure that a person’s online profile puts them in the most positive light. With the technology at their disposal, they can manage how Google directs inquires about you, making sure that accurate information is presented first, with information that is negative or inaccurate being pushed down. By using content automation technology, Status Labs can create sites that show you and/or your company at your best. You’re also provided the control to enable you to adjust content when you want. They can also manage which images of you or you company will appear when a Google Search is started, so that only positive impressions will come up in the results.

Status Labs also wants you to get the most out of your public relations. Here are five areas to consider:




Before presenting your ideas to a publication, do your research on them. Make sure they are the right ones to help you.




When sending emails to journalists, keep them brief, but give the journalists an opportunity to learn more with a call to action.




Get information on the people you will be contacting, by establishing a relationship with them on social media outlets such as Linkedin and Twitter.




Make information you offer to the journalist easy for them to work with.




When pitching an idea, keep in mind that you’re telling a story.


The PR professionals at Status Labs have strategies to help clients communicate to a wide audience. They’re also concerned about how your private information is handled. The President of the company, Darius Fisher offers this advice for those who have a high online profile.


  1. Get your personal data off the net (home address, phone number).
  2. Privacy settings on your social media need to be changed on a regular basis.
  3. Regularly change your passwords.
  4. Look for yourself on Google, see what others see.
  5. If someone posts your personal information, check out resources available from Women

Action and the Media, and file a complaint.


The bottom line: Status Labs will give you the tools and information crucial to protecting yourself and your reputation.