Meet One Of The Youngest CEOs Globally, Milan Kordestani

It is only in our millennial generation that a youth below the age of twenty years can be the Chief Executive Officer and consequently a Founder of a certain company having several employees under him. Meet Milan Kordestani who is famous than his age due to his capabilities in horse riding.

Milan Kordestani was born and grew up in Stanford in California State and partly attended Phillips Brooks School for his elementary studies in the same region. Later, his whole family relocated to London in England that was after his parent divorced. In his new region he attended Eaton Square School but later after one year in 2010, he came back to his home area for preparatory and high school studies. He joined Sacred Heart Preparatory School where he completed his high school studies in 2017.

One outstanding thing about Milan Kordestani is his prowess when it comes to horse riding. As a matter of fact, at the age of ten, he had started horse riding. It is at this age that he was thrown down by his horse and amazingly, he got up and continued with his ride. He was surely determined to be one of the best horse riders competing in various competitions and challenges.

As a result of his determination, Milan never took long to learn horse riding in Atherton before he started competing in world championships. He has become second and fourth in World’s Championship Horse Show and third in American Royal. He still holds the record for this championship as far as his age is concerned.

In his 3rd year in High school, Milan did what many young people could not think; he created his own company and called them Milan Farms. Being the CEO of Milan farms by itself is history and the technology employed in the farm is a whole new history. He is the first farmer to grow saffron in their microfiber sponges hydroponically in the world. The farm is also great in poultry and eggs production.

The underlying values in Milan Farms are transparency in the production of their products and always being honest with their consumers. The company has expanded to own 3 separate farms that distribute eggs and saffron across the globe. He is also a writer with Huffington Post.