Modern Humanity Provided By Securus Technologies

By providing a solution to decrease illegal contraband distribution within prison walls, Securus Technologies offers contract-based communication systems for people living in incarceration. A giant in its industry, Securus Technologies serves approximately 2,600 prisons cover the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. I am impressed by the lengthy amount of modern communication services offered, which in turn gives prison inmates a mental outlet from their surroundings and a sense of humanity. Securus Technologies supplies parolee tracking systems and other information management systems used by governmental departments.


After reading the information provided on the Securus website, I can understand why many people benefit from the features. Pre-paid calling plans are offered along with an easy setup account. The Advance Connect account allows for prepaid funds up $50 to be added for use by the prison inmate for many forms of communication. Traditional voice calls are available for the inmate to communicate with family and friends as long as funds are available.


Phone calls allowed can reach home phones, work phones, and cell phones depending on the prison facility restrictions. Video visitation services offer Anywhere Visit which provides a visual communication method for those who cannot travel to the prison facility. Onsite Video Visitation reduces wait time for the visitor; long lines to be secured with manpower by the prison facility are also reduced. Voicemail and email services are also offered for use by prison inmates.


Since July 2008, CEO Richard Smith leads the for-profit prison technology company that is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Securus reports investing $600 million in 2016, by upgrading technologies, acquiring patents, and proving new products to its users. The company was founded in 1986, and currently employees approximately 1000 employees. Many families are grateful for the service and praise the modern communication services provided to their incarcerated loved ones.