NewsWatch TV review on the Contour Ultimate Workstation

Contour is a company that specializes in functional technology that aids in work proficiency. Their slogan, “Where performance meets comfort”, is truly brought to life by the Ultimate Workstation. This keyboard and mouse alternative is crucial to better productivity through comfort while working at a computer. There are 3 billion people in the world using computers, so Contour enlisted the help of News Watch to promote their innovative workstation.

The Ultimate Work Station features the Roller Mouse Red paired with a Balance Keyboard. With seven senses tracking technology and adjustable legs/tilt option, the wireless workstation is convenient as well as easy to use. The Roller Mouse Red can be replaced by the new update called the Roller Mouse Free3. All of the product options can be found on the Contour website.

Design’s Product Marketing Manager, Bret Hudson, had high praise for the NewsWatch work that was done to help promote Contour’s product. More awareness was raised with the NewsWatch campaign reaching over 95 million households in the U.S. Due to this, the sales of the Contour workstation have dramatically spiked and more people are aware of more comfortable alternatives to the classic keyboard and mouse.

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