Cancer Treatment Centers of America Gains Access to Critical EHR Information Center Through New Partnerships

In the efforts to treat cancer more effectively, information, especially tailored information on specific treatment options, is often of vital importance to the doctors and patients on the ground. Now, through a new partnership involving Cancer Treatment Centers, NantHealth and Allscrips, there will be a custom integration of NantHealth’s clinical support solution and operating system with the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record, or EHR.

The direct interface will contain a comprehensive collection of cancer care data, which in turn can be continually updated so physicians have the knowledge at the click of few buttons. The partnership began in early 2016 when CTCA, Allscripts, and NantHealth began collaborating to see how they can better deliver exact treatment options to patients at all five hospitals in the CTCA network.

With the Clinical Pathways, the NantHealth eviti system will have access to the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. The Electronic Health Records contain over 2700 evidence-based treatments and clinical trials which oncologists can access to see what treatment possibilities they should recommend to their patients. Its quality is assured because it is maintained by top oncologists in the country.

Through the portal, physicians can work with their patients to create custom treatment plans for each stage of a patient’s disease state, compare treatments and costs, enter orders, and examine a map of complimentary treatments and services that a patient may want to consider. Those are not directly dealing with the disease but can improve quality of life while undergoing treatment. It will even streamline the insurance process by offering detailed clinical data to insurance companies to support the treatment strategies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America runs five hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Their philosophy is to integrate multiple avenues of treatment from modern genome-based therapies to traditional radiation and chemotherapy as well as supportive therapies. All three will be enhanced by this partnership.

Its five hospitals are networked together to serve adults with cancer. They believe strongly in patient agency during decision making. As a result, its hospitals, in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa, are consistently ranked high in patient experience and quality of care.

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Lori Senecal: Globalizing CP+B’s Culture

Lori Senecal, the current global chief executive officer at CP+B, is an industry veteran with strong academic background. She is a specialist in global marketing, which has played a significant role in expanding the company’s global market penetration. Her innovative marketing ideas combined with her constant quest for new challenges have played a key role in her successful career in various corporations she has worked for. Her desire to join the corporate sector stems from a passion developed in high school but nurtured over the years. She developed her leadership qualities early on as a gymnastics coach where she strived for excellence through excellent decision making and communication skills.

Despite the various challenges she faced early on in her career, her positive outlook and strong motivation always drove her forward. She also has a strong network of mentors. Such relentlessness has enabled her attract customers. In her practice, she employs a marketing strategy marked by understanding the internal and external environment of the targeted potential clients with the view of developing unique marketing campaigns. She believes that the internet will provide new exciting business opportunities especially in marketing and advertising. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Education Background and Skills

Lori Senecal is a multi-skilled company executive and investor. She is a McGill University graduate with numerous skills including fluency in French. She is a specialist in mobile and integrated marketing, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, interactive and direct marketing and online and digital advertising. She is also a master of social media marketing, brand architecture and creative business strategy development. Check out Fast Company for details.

Award-Winning Leadership

In an article on Adage, Lori Senecal’s excellent and innovative leadership has been honored with a Quantum Leap Award in 2013. Her current role at CP+B primarily focuses on expanding the company’s presence in globally by revolutionizing the company’s culture to realign it with the global trends. Before taking on the role in 2015, she served as the company’s global executive chairman from 2014. She also served as the president and chief executive officer for MDC Partners and chairman and chief executive officer for Krishenbaum Bond Senecal where she served as a president too. She worked at McCann as the president after joining the company as the global chief innovation officer. Lori Senecal also cofounded TAG Ideation in 2003.

How Securus Technologies Helps Bring People Closer Together

Securus technologies is offering communities an opportunity of implementing its program into their local correctional facilities’ communications systems by encouraging local courts to proceed with such actions if it is not already incorporated into them. It is a great system that allows people, specifically inmates and their visitors, to connect with one another through video conferencing modes. It is highly recommended for inmates to use this form of communication for visitation, as it makes the entire process of visiting much more convenient for their visitor(s).


Securus technologies has a press release section on its website which consists of articles that keep current and prospective users updated on the company’s missions and more. By visiting the website, a prospective user can get an idea of what they can expect from utilizing the wonderfully engineered and designed program. It has been designed and engineered to provide users with ease of use. By navigating through the website and reading some of the information that is on there, a prospective user can get an idea of how to use it. If they happen to be a bit confused about how to properly use it, they can simply contact the company’s customer service representatives and they will be more than happy to assist. It is recommended for people to ensure that they know exactly what this particular program entails, as they do not want to mistake it for a different type of communications application. It is a program that has specifically been created to give inmates an opportunity of communicating with their friends, colleagues, significant others, or relatives via means of videoconferencing in a convenient manner. If you would like to benefit from it, please be aware that law enforcement agencies have access to the conversations conducted on it, thus, always making it a good idea to refrain from speaking about or even engaging in criminal matters.


Should I Be A Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard?

Being a Wine Guide for the Traveling Vineyard is a very rewarding experience. It is sadly not the easier thing to do in the world to sell, but the thing about this brand is that they help make it easier on you as a direct sales associate. They can help guide you so that you move forward and understand the INS and OUTS of selling products. Wine guides are every reliable, and they can help you get prepared so you can make a decent living selling their products.

If you are on the fence of becoming a guide for the brand, here’s a few things you should know. It’s okay to feel like this may or may not be for you. It’s alright to feel like make this is a business idea you can’t pursue. However, understand that your love of wine is all you need. The business can take care of everything for you. As long as you have a genuine love for talking about wine, the products basically sell themselves like hotcakes. All you need to do is present the wine to them.

You will receive a professional to help you out who lives within your region. They can help prepare you to move forward so you are better prepared and you know how to sell. Your own professional Wine Guide helping you succeed is going to make sure you know every aspect of the way selling wine works. Traveling Vineyard is the best to work with because of their guidance.

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Jose Henrique Borghi – Providing Highly Creative and Effective Advertising Services to Medium and Large Enterprises

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most reputed advertising professionals in the Brazilian Advertising space. Over the years, he has helped many media to large enterprises to design and develop advertising campaigns that have helped them achieve their business and marketing goals with ease. Some of these companies include Electrolux, Unilever, Mitsubishi, Fiat, OX Cosmetics, and more. As a co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, he continues to work with top companies in the Fortune 500 List. Jose is a creative man and is known for designing and developing out of the box ad campaigns that helps to reach out to the target audience in a highly efficient manner.

Jose Henrique Borghi, to pursue his dream of joining the advertising world, did his graduation in marketing and advertising from the highly popular the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He belonged to a humble family background and was born in PresidentePrudente, a small city in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Once his sister took him to a theater where the advertisements that won awards in Cannes were being showcased, and it is where the Jose got inspired to join the advertising world. He was tremendously inspired by the ads, and it leads to what he is today and more information click here.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most awarded advertising professionals in Brazil and has won many awards at the New York Film Festival, London Film Festival, Abril Awards, Clio Awards, One Show Award, Cannes Film Festival, and more. After completing his graduation, he joined one of the biggest advertising agencies, Standard Ogilvy. After leaving Standard Ogilvy and Mather, he joined few other leading advertising agencies, before finally starting his advertising agency, named BorghiErh Creative Intelligence, which he started with longtime friend and colleague Erh Ray, who is also a credible advertising professional and what Borghi knows.

What Prompted the Seasoned Investor James Dondero to Move to Texas?


Highland Capital Inc. in Texas has risen to become one of the nation’s leading Capital Management firm. The company gets headed up by the globally renowned financial consultant, Mr. James  Dondero. James and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital in 1993 and their main specialization was on a debt consolidation strategy called Collateralized Loans Obligations, CLOs. Jim has invested on both the local and the global scale in the past couple of decades.


Highland Capital Net Worth


A classical illustration of this would be his bold calls in Argentina. His people bought out the sovereign debt of the South American nation in 2012 and by the end of 2014 that deal ended up making him billions in profit. Barons, a trusted investment newsletter, quotes him confessing that he prefers to spend a lot of time meditating on the problems ahead and not going out to party. Today, his VC firm, Highland, holds assets and other investments totaling up to $15B on their versatile portfolio.


Investors at Highland Capital have experienced one of the best years for a long time with their ROI standing at nearly 30%. That was amazing especially considering that this particular company doesn’t hold nearly as many securities as the average American mutual fund holds. In the previous financial year, their clients would have walked away with 25% gain on their investments were it not for the energy stocks plummeting towards the end of 2015.


About James Dondero


Jim is a New Jersey native and, is a master at reinventing himself. Starting out right after graduating from the University of Virginia, the Finance and Accounting major had plans of venturing into the real estate realm. As fate would have it, however, Jim found himself working as an asset manager for the prestigious company, American Express.


At American Express, he was in charge of holdings with an estimated value of $1B and, don’t forget that was before he even turned 30 years old. Moving on, Jim made enough money and finally decided it was time to take his game to the next level. Well, for starters, he already had more than enough clients to begin his credit lending firm. Then, he had a partner and together they could pool enough money to start their first venture. There was one problem, though, they needed to from away from California and head out to Texas. Texas appealed to them as it had better tax rates and the time zone was favorable for their global clients. more about dondero here.


Goettl Air Conditioning Goes Beyond the Call of Duty to Provide a Sustainable Heating Solution to a Family in Las Vegas

A Family in Las Vegas will no longer have to live in inhabitable conditions thanks to an initiative by the Goettl Air Conditioning Company. Abana Stephenson and her family had become used to living in a house without a functional HVAC system and a toilet. According to Stephenson, her two teenage daughters would go to her room to heat up during winter or to cool down body temperatures in the summertime.


When Michael Gamst, a manager at Goettl learned about the situation in Stephenson’s family, he moved in swiftly to save the situation. Working together with Triple5teens, a non-profit organization, Goettl installed a new Air Conditioning and Heating Unit and a toilet for Stephenson’s family for free. Before the installation of the new heating unit, Stephenson’s electricity bill averaged $600 a month. Gamst, a manager at Goettl, says that they are expecting that with the new unit, the power will go down by half. The staff from Goettl and Tripple5teens also came with numerous gifts for the family. Goettl has been in the lead to advocate for Zone controlled heating, which is helping homeowners to make huge savings on their power bills. With Zone controlled heating technology, the heating units from Goettl warm a home depending on the heating needs of each room.


About Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Conditioning Company has offices in Phoenix Arizona, Tuscon Arizona, and Las Vegas. The company started its operations in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio. Later on, the founders, Adam, John, and Bill moved to Phoenix Arizona to start the Phoenix-based Goettl Air conditioning company. Goettl has grown to become an internationally recognized producer of evaporative coolers. The company is one of the leading innovators in heating and cooling technology. Currently, the company holds more than 100 patents.


Why You Should Air Condition with Goettl

Set up in 1939, Goettl boasts of over 78 years in the air conditioning business. It was set up by two brothers but has since changed ownership several times over the years. Currently, it is owned by Ken Goodrich who bought the business and turned it around. He was inspired by his father during a job and he became interested in the business ever since. When a chance rose to buy the company, Ken Goodrich took it up. Since then the company has expanded into areas such as Tuscon and Phoenix. Goettl recently added Moore Air Conditioning to its assets.


Before it was sold to Ken Goodrich, the company was faring very poorly in the market. It suffered from huge losses and the employees lacked morale. Ken Goodrich recognized that the key to the reshaping of the company was the employees’ cooperation. He increased their morale by motivating them and urging them to focus on the satisfaction of their customers instead of the annual revenues. Goettl also began participating in community projects around the area. This went a long way in rebuilding the trust of customers in the company.


Goettl Air Conditioning offers heating and air conditioning services both in terms of repair and the installation. It has an impressive track record in AC installation having offered both maintenance and repair services for decades. Another service offered by Goettl is the light commercial HVAC that is conducive for large buildings as it synchronizes all the heating and air conditioning systems in the building. Their equipment is of high quality and very modern. The company also offers indoor air quality services for homes that ensure the members are comfortable and prevents health risks. The company also addresses heat pumps and furnace problems, especially during winter.


One of the major reasons the company is so successful is that it is customer oriented. The technicians are all professionals who are vigorously trained to oversee all problems relating to air conditioning and heating. A major value in the company is honesty where the technicians present all the possible solutions to a specific problem and provide advice on the best alternative. They then let the customer decide before embarking on the project.


Other core values of Goettl Air Conditioning are; reliability at all times of the year, innovation of new products and methods, reliability in job completion, and quality service provision. The Goettl owner, Ken Goodrich, also takes a keen interest in all the projects. Selecting Goettl Air Conditioning for your projects also gets you a free flashlight.


Evolution Of Smooth Is Changing Everything

How Evolution Of Smooth Works

Evolution of Smooth has created a revolution in the way that we go about the business of working in the lip balm industry. This gave them the chance to make something that people will never forget. In this world there are simply too many people who make assumptions about the lip balm industry. Evolution of Smooth didn’t make those choices and their work reflects that.

The Modern Young Woman

The idea to appeal to young women isn’t what separates this Well-known brand form the rest. There simply aren’t enough people out there who are trying their best to do something about the fact that women are actually the top buyers of lip balm. Trying to get these women to buy their product is exactly why this brand is so successful. It appeals to young women and the young women give them loyalty. With the size of the sales that Evolution of Smooth is making, usually within the hundreds of thousands, it isn’t a wonder why this brand is as successful as it is or why it has managed to create such an amazing impact over years.

What The Future Holds

The future appears to be great for Evolution of Smooth. They have already made themselves one of the most prominent personal care product companies in the world while Target a demographic known for being picky. There is so much more to offer the world and they seem to be interested in giving more. You can find lotions and shampoos under the Evolution of Smooth brand. There is something magical about this brand and the creators know how to capitalize. In the future we can certainly expect them to give us even more than what we have already seen from them.

EOS lip balm products are available online on eBay and Amazon.

Covering Roots With Wengie


Your roots will eventually start to show at some point after the hair is dyed. You can part the hair in a zig-zag so that there isn’t as much natural color showing. Another idea is to wear a headband to hide some of the details of the roots coming through until you can dye the hair once again. Try a fun headband so that you have something adorable in the hair while covering your natural color at the same time.