The Strides of Glen Wakeman towards Building a Successful Career

Glen Wakeman is currently the Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SAAS company that deals in software development aimed at providing online business planning services for young entrepreneurs. He co-founded the company in 2015. This was after wrapping up his two-decade career in business and finance. Glen had pursued his education at the University of Scranton where he graduated in 1981 with a BS in Economics and Finance. He later advanced in 1993 to obtain an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on

After campus, Glen Wakeman kicked off his career taking P&L and business development positions at GE Capital. Glen would then start the Nova Four and GE, which he also presided over. He was appreciated largely by the Board of Directors who named him as a Growth Leadership role model.


During his career, Glen Wakeman has developed a strong philosophy that is directed towards risk management, leadership power, human capital and implementation in business. This philosophy has made him become highly sought after to offer strategic advice in capital raising, international financing and angel investing platforms. Additionally, he is a successful writer, which has enabled him to inspire people in many areas such as administrative strategies and fiscal economics. His advice is based on the experience he has acquired throughout his life in corporate management, emerging markets and divestitures. There are very few other individuals who have developed a reputable methodology that apply to numerous industries as Glen Wakeman has.

Glen Wakeman has a great passion for all aspects of business innovation, growth and development for changing the market currently existing throughout the world. He also appreciates the integration of machine learning into business problems. He views it as a method of reducing the bulkiness of data that exists and in the process saving time. Wakeman is a great figure in the business world and highly deserves recognition.


Rocketship Education – Striving To Make A Difference

Rocketship is a non-profit network of elementary charter schools that are focused on helping low-income students in certain neighborhoods where there isn’t great access to excellent schools or it is limited. The staff at Rocketship believes that schools can transform how each student is educated in addition to empowering teachers and ensuring that parents are engaged. They work with the community to inspire everyone and strive to develop great relationships through their learning processes. The Rocketship Team firmly believes that every student has the potential to grow more than anyone could ever imagine, and they hope to be able to help each student progress with knowledge.

Rocketship provides a network of public schooling from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. They are solely dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap that can happen with school age children. The foundation of Rocketship education is more than a school system, they are a group of highly dedicated teachers, thriving leaders, engaged parents and a supportive community. They work towards ensuring that the future and its changes remain positive.

Rocketship follows a pristine and accurate core of characteristics. They practice authenticity on a regular basis to ensure that they deliver transparency with all of the work they do. The constantly assess their overall work ethic to make sure they are learning and growing. They also take active participation in the community and set out to seek diversity by expanding their circle of students, staff and commitments. They also make sure to set thorough, yet reachable goals to enhance satisfaction and production. Once the goal is set, they do what they need to do to achieve the goal. Although certain goals may be difficult at time, they make sure that they take the necessary steps to increase an excellent outcome. Innovation is also something that they strive to ensure they are providing to the students as well as the staff. They take responsible risks to make sure they are making a positive impact in society. They also make sure to pursue excellence within everything they do. They continually strive to make positive goals and long term solutions that benefit everyone.

Edwin Honing One of NYC’s Top Rated Cardiologist

When you suspect that you have a heart problem, it is often advisable to visit a cardiologist. A cardiologist is a medical expert/doctor who deals with heart diseases. The cardiologist performs various tests to check the condition of the heart. Normally there are several tests that the cardiologist performs on the patients in order to come up with a sound conclusion on the condition of the heart. They include checking the blood pressure, the heart rhythm during vigorous physical activity and the blood vessels. In general, the cardiologist is responsible for treating heart failures, heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances among other heart complications. Before one becomes certified as a cardiologist, he/she has to go through ten or more years of training in a recognized medical school.

Most people are never sure then appropriate time that they can visit the Cardiologist. Many times people wait until the condition worsens before they pay a visit to a cardiologist. However, there certain symptoms that act as a signal of when to visit the Cardiologist. Some of these symptoms include the chest pains, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

Getting a good cardiologist is not easy and can sometimes cause a lot of stress especially if you’re doing your search ‘blindly.’ Dr. Edwin Honing is among the popular and experienced cardiologist in New York City. Dr. Edwin normally operates from Glencoe.

This caring and patient-friendly cardiologist is a graduate of Duke University the school of medicine. Dr. Edward Honig has a license from the New York medical Licenser, which gives him all the right to perform his duties freely and with the consent of the patient. Dr. Honing is well versed with the latest technology in the field, which helps him in diagnosing and treating the various heart conditions easily and faster.

Technology gives the cardiologist an upper hand of doing his/her duties accurately as mere physical examination may fail to bear fruit. On top of that, this cardiologist is always keen with medical conditions of the heart. He never assumes that your heart is 100% okay and will take the necessary actions even with slight difference in test results.

Eric Lefkofsky Enables Higher Quality of Care for Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Chicago. He co-founded Tempus and is serving as the CEO. The company operates technologies that help in the management and care of cancer patients as well as their loved ones. It enables physicians to deliver better and personalized care to cancer patients through analytics. It empowers physicians to build on the history of the success of various treatment options to make better real-time decisions concerning their patients.

Eric Lefkofsky has extensive interests in technology, big data, e-commerce, logistics and branding among others. Besides Tempus, he is associated with successful companies such as Mediaocean, Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics and Uptake among many others.

Eric Lefkofsky is a passionate philanthropist. He is deeply involved in supporting community causes in the Chicago area. He serves on the board of various organizations in the greater Chicago area. These include The Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital and Steppenwolf Theatre Company among others. Likewise, he teaches at the University of Chicago’s School of Business as a non-tenure-track professor.

Eric Lefkofsky is the author of the book Accelerated Disruption, published in 2007. The book illustrates how to bring your ideas to life by launching and growing a disruptive startup. It has sections on industry choice, competitive advantage, testing disruptive ideas, smart automation, and funding strategies.

He co-founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The non-profit is a charitable trust that supports programs and research that improve the quality of life. It has a strong focus on children issues including education, medical research as well as human rights. Some of the organizations the foundation supports in education include Moneythink, the University of Michigan, Northwestern University and Depaul University.

The foundation also supports health initiatives by donating to organizations such as Johns Hopkins, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Medical Missions for Children. Through the foundation, Eric Lefkofsky supports Human Rights Watch, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and Aspen Art Museum among others. Eric Lefkofsky is a native of Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan. He also went to the law school at the same institution where he obtained his law degree in 1993.

Safeguarding the Civil and Democratic Rights of All Humans

Civil and Human Rights is a democratic right outlined in the constitution of any democratic nation. While this is true, very few countries in the world are taking the necessary measures to ensure that these fundamental human rights are protected and safeguarded at all cost, even the developed countries such as the United States of America.

By virtue of being an immigrant or from a marginalized group, these individuals are always subjected to a lot of human and civil rights violations.

It is for these reasons that different groups all over the world have been formed to safeguard and protect the rights of the marginalized groups. One such organization is the Border Angels. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Border Angels is a nonprofit organization founded by Enrique Morones in 1986. The headquarters of this organization is in San-Diego. Just like their name suggests, Border Angels is a group that cares for the border immigrants.

The operations of the organization are simple and involve engaging in community education and sensitization programs on immigrants’ rights. In addition to this, the organization, through its volunteers is also involved in the transportation of water and other essential supplies through the desert to the US-Mexico border to immigrants. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

The nonprofit organization also caters for the social and educational needs of the immigrants. Boarder Angles have donated food, toys, books, clothing, and temporary shelters for the border immigrants.

On several occasions, the Boarder Angles have also been of help in providing safe passages of immigrants into the US, for instance, they provided counterpoints to the migrants who were trying to pass through to California and were being prevented by anti-immigrant protesters.

In order to successfully carry out their operations, the Border Angles require funding. One organization that has supported this nonprofit organization has been the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

About The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one of the civil activism groups founded to support the human rights of immigrants in Arizona. The organization was established by media journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey after their unconstitutional and unlawful arrest by the then Maricopa County Sherriff, Joe Arpaio.

The court ruled out in favor of the two journalists that Sherriff Arpaio had violated his powers and also the First Amendment right. The court ordered the county to compensate Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to a tune of 3.7 million US dollars which helped set up the fund.

In addition to funding civil group that champion for the civil and human rights of marginalized communities, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is also a huge supporter and advocate for the freedom of speech and participation in civil duties around the Arizona region.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Sentient AI Is Changing How Business Market To Customers

With the way technology is advancing every year businesses in every industry ranging from retail to manufacturing even to agriculture needs to jump on new technology to stay competitive in the business cycle. One major new technology trend is Sentient AI specifically in online e-commerce marketing. This new technology enables online marketers to target specific group based on target market to get them on the marketer’s store, show them product options that they will love, and prompt them to return after they buy. AI remembers what a customer buys and likes. For example, if a customer buys red colored v cut shirts on a consistent basis, AI will remember that and recommend similar products to a customer. AI can also manage marketing campaigns in social media and email. With this new tool, markets can focus on the big picture and let AI do the grunt work.


Sentient is one of the world leaders in developing AI software specifically designed for business. One new update they recently released is called Sentient Aware. This is the equivalent of a store associate helping a customer in a physical store find products that they will love to buy. This creates a powerful customer journey on the online store that customers will find easy and intuitive. Another unique feature is the “More Like This” option that allows customers the ability to see other products of similar design or brand. If a customer wants to buy similar products this option will allow them to easily find the product just right for them. Sentient is growing fast in the fashion industry, remember exactly customers styles to be able to recommend products suited just for them.


With the introduction of Sentient AI every business will have to make a choice: jump on the wave of new technology, or be swept by the competition. This AI allows business to operate more effectively and gives their customers a better buying experience. Marketing and customer retention is key to gain a profit in business. AI can complete both. With many new features such as adding the ability to recommend products to each individual customer that they will love, the ability to track what customers are buying and remember what they love, and the ability to manage marketing campaigns from uploading SEO social media posts to attract new customers to managing what emails are sent in a long email marketing list, Sentient AI can do it all.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Take on Privatization of Companies in Brazil

Privatization of Brazilian companies began in the 1980s, and this was necessitated by the debt crisis that the companies were in. Before then, most corporations in Brazil were state-owned. Felipe Montoro Jens, who watched the country make this transition, explains how it all happened. After the establishment of the National Privatization Program in 1990, several state-owned companies in a number of industries, including the aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries, were privatized.

The fact that the government was in full support of privatization in the country helped a great deal. In fact, the Concessions Law which was passed in 1995 listed a number of sectors which were to be given priority in the privatization. These included telecommunications, electricity, banking, sanitation and transport. Several other developments have happened in Brazil over the years, with the introduction of various acts and programs to promote privatization of companies. Examples of these are the Public Private Partnerships Act which was approved in 2004 and the 2008 General Concession Plan. This has really boosted the Brazilian economy.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned Brazilian finance executive and infrastructure specialist. He is an alumnus of Getulio Vergas Foundation and the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mr. Jens has extensive experience in a number of industries in Brazil and is therefore an authority in various fields including infrastructure, finance, and investment.

Felipe’s contribution to Brazil has been tremendous. He has done this through the numerous positions he occupies in various leading corporations in Brazil. Some of these are AC Energia, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA and Foz do Brasil SA among others.


According to Felipe, privatization was the only way Brazil would be able to meet investment demands, and so far, it has been a success. A lot more economic progress is expected from the country. With executives like Felipe Montoro Jens, private companies are bound to do even better and boost Brazil’s economy further.

Looking Out For Your First Impression

In the digital society that we live in today, a potential employer or people who want to meet you may not wait for a face-to-face meeting in order to get an impression. It’s highly likely that their first impression of you may be through a Google Search. Located in Austin, with other offices in Los Angeles,San Francisco, New York and San Paulo, Status Labs wants to make sure that a person’s online profile puts them in the most positive light. With the technology at their disposal, they can manage how Google directs inquires about you, making sure that accurate information is presented first, with information that is negative or inaccurate being pushed down. By using content automation technology, Status Labs can create sites that show you and/or your company at your best. You’re also provided the control to enable you to adjust content when you want. They can also manage which images of you or you company will appear when a Google Search is started, so that only positive impressions will come up in the results.

Status Labs also wants you to get the most out of your public relations. Here are five areas to consider:




Before presenting your ideas to a publication, do your research on them. Make sure they are the right ones to help you.




When sending emails to journalists, keep them brief, but give the journalists an opportunity to learn more with a call to action.




Get information on the people you will be contacting, by establishing a relationship with them on social media outlets such as Linkedin and Twitter.




Make information you offer to the journalist easy for them to work with.




When pitching an idea, keep in mind that you’re telling a story.


The PR professionals at Status Labs have strategies to help clients communicate to a wide audience. They’re also concerned about how your private information is handled. The President of the company, Darius Fisher offers this advice for those who have a high online profile.


  1. Get your personal data off the net (home address, phone number).
  2. Privacy settings on your social media need to be changed on a regular basis.
  3. Regularly change your passwords.
  4. Look for yourself on Google, see what others see.
  5. If someone posts your personal information, check out resources available from Women

Action and the Media, and file a complaint.


The bottom line: Status Labs will give you the tools and information crucial to protecting yourself and your reputation.

Neurocore Offers New Insights And Treatments for Mental Disorders

Neurocore is known for offering treatment for depression. However, depression is not the only illness that Neurocore treats. There are plenty of other mental disorders that the company treats. They do it very effectively as well. For one thing, Neurocore is very passionate about understanding the mental disorders so that it can provide a better solution to the issue. This solution is much better than the medication versions of treatment. Instead of providing medication, people are instead given training in their brain so that they will be able better manage their disorders. This also leaves very little room for side effects.

This type of treatment is very effective in helping people fight off their disorders. Many people are happy with the results. For one thing, it has reduce if not eliminated all of the disorders it is said to treat. A lot of people report having their depression, bipolar disorder and other disorders effectively treated with Neurocore. This type of treatment is getting a lot of attention and could quickly become the new go to solution for any mood disorders that people are suffering from. The only thing is that it is important for people to make sure that they are ready for this kind of treatment.

Even though Neurocore has proven to be a very viable option for treatment, it does not mean that people should forget about therapy and other options for treatment. After all, it is very healthy to talk things out with someone if possible. Not having anyone to talk to can also contribute to mental issues because of a need for connection that is not being met. One of the best things about Neurocore is that it shows that there are plenty of options for treatment. It is up to the individual to choose the treatment plan that works best for him.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook, here.

Getting Up Close and Personal with the Founder of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall

One of the favorite quotes from Clay Siegall is that when you in their 20’s, you think they know everything when you get to your 30’s, they realize that you do not know, and by the time you are reaching your 40’s, you do not know much. Clay is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He founded the company in 1998 with the aim of creating the best antibody-based cancer therapies. The main ideas that Clay had in mind when creating Seattle Genetics was the creation of a company which would focus on innovation in science, rigorous research and the desire to help patients.

The first of their drugs, ADCETRIS, was approved by the FDA in 2011 and has been retailing in more than 60 countries. The success of ADC was partly because unlike other cancer therapies; it is an Antibody Drug Conjugate. There is also the business partnership that Seattle genetics Forged with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and one which helped them market their drug outside the country. Dr. Siegall’s leadership has helped the company achieve multiple strategic licenses for the ADC Technology. They include the partnership with Genentech, AbbVie, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. Clay worked with companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and The National Cancer Institute before joining Seattle Genetics.

When asked where the idea of Seattle Genetics originated, Clay states that his father’s struggle with cancer was an eye opener for him. He was 19 when his father was diagnosed, and by the time he was 24, his father passed away. Clay says that his father’s struggle with the disease made him realize that the therapies available at the time were too harsh on the already compromised body of the cancer patient. He set out to improve the tools that were available to fight cancer. After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, he proceeded to the George Washington University where he acquired his Doctorate in Genetics.

Clay says that one of the best things that an entrepreneur can do if they want to grow is to always be thirsty for more information. The success of Seattle Genetics, which is listed on NASDAQ as SGEN, is enough evidence that Clay is a trendsetter in science and entrepreneurship.