Madison Street Capital LLC Strives To Give Its Employees Expert Services

For many people including those in business, the term Investment Banking seems like an entangled world that no one knows about, but not anymore. Investment banks are institutions charged with the responsibility of giving both advice and funding to their clients, who essentially are in trading activities for themselves or their clients. There is a difference between retail banks (takes clients deposits while offering loans, mortgage and credit cards) and Investment Banks, in that these banks are reserved for specific services.

Top services provided by Investment banks to clients include security underwriting and raising capital, advising entrepreneurs on evaluating their businesses, structuring transactions procedures and implementation. They also are involved in Equity Research, sales and trading, commercial and retail banking services, Front Vs Back office services, corporate treasury, risk management, compliance, and many other functions.
Since this business is an extremely high capital investment business, only a few individuals can afford to start and run; therefore, many such companies throughout Europe and America are publicly owned. There are only a few privately owned Investment Banking companies such as the Madison Street Capital LLC. This is one of the biggest privately owned financial investment internationally. Learn more:

Whether public or privately owned, these banks are controlled by wealthy investors who own quite large shares in the institution. They, therefore, form the scoop of people with the biggest say in the business. They may include financial institutions, wealthy families, extremely affluent people, bank directors and even the government, sovereign wealth funds. Small firms are as a result of either partnership or privately owned.

Clients of Investment Banks
There are up to five major clients of any investment bank namely,

a) Corporations
Companies that mainly operate in business areas such as media, construction, retail, food and drinks, energy, healthcare, financial services and many others form part of the clients for these banks.

b) Funds
The Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Pension Funds are an example of the investment vehicle that pulls individuals and government to invest.

c) Sovereigns
Government and government institution including export credit agencies also form part of the bank’s clients.

d) Affluent individuals
They are classified accordingly, but the minimum criterion is those with a minimum of $ 1 million investable assets that are eligible.

e) The Investment Bank itself
The bank also wants to make profits for itself, and other than the typical ways of acquiring benefits which include fees for advice, dividends, interests and trading, they also carry out their internal investment for the purpose of preventing itself against eventualities.

Throughout Madison Street Capital LLC lifetime, it has strived to uphold integrity, service delivery, leadership and excellence to all its clients internationally. Its goal is to continue offering professional corporate financial services to their customers in public and private businesses.

Madison Street Capital LLC customers benefit from a wide range of services including merger and acquisition, financial advisory, financial options and valuation services.

Stephen Murray Helped Our Business Start Its Own Trust

Stephen Murray helped us start a trust account for our company because we believed that would be the best way to continue to raise money that would act like an endowment for our company.

We knew that there are a lot of things we can do with the money we might raise from this trust, and we asked Stephen Murray at CCMP Capital to help us get started. He made sure that we were involved in this mew investment fund that he created, and he was also sure that we could do very well.

We knew that we wanted to get started as soon as possible, and it is also interesting because we got help from CCMP Capital even after Stephen Murray died.

We were sad to hear about his death, and we wondered what was going to happen now that he has passed away. It is was really good for us because there were a couple people who worked under Stephen Murray who talked to us about what to do next.

It was like Stephen Murray was still working with us because we could tell that he had trained everyone in the office. We knew that he worked in all the parts of CCMP Capital when it was a smaller investment bank tied to Chase Bank, and we became the CEO because he was respected on Wall Street.

We actually got recommended to use Stephen Murray by a friend, and we were very happy with the way everything went. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

We wish that we could still talk to Stephen Murray about our investments, but we have been doing very well because of what he did. He set up our accounts when we met with him, and he put us in a lucrative fund.

Securus Calls Industry Competitor GTL Out Publicly Over Ethical Breaches

As a proactive, progressive initiative to foster greater transparency in the intelligent inmate communications marketplace, Dallas-based Securus Technologies has promised to release numerous fact-finding reports and articles aimed at urging competitor Global Tel Link (GTL) into self-policing recurring breaches of integrity.


Securus CEO Richard A. Smith made it clear that he believes his company’s sterling Better Business Bureau accreditation and increased market presence after its recent acquisition of Jpay, Inc. comes with an enlarged sense of responsibility. That perceived duty to the good of the public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring industry includes holding competitors and colleagues accountable for putting customer service above unethical shortcuts to higher profits, he said.

The first chapter in the call-out of GTL focuses on the Louisiana Public Service Commission’s 17-page Order No. U-20784-B reviewing the firm’s “unlawful and unauthorized” manipulation of their telephone clocks, padding charges by adding 15 or 36 seconds to each inmate call’s duration with their own programming. GTL also allegedly fixed their phones-call ratings above tariff limitations or PSC rate caps.

Smith did not mince words, deeming GTL’s alleged actions “atrocious” and arguing that extending those substantial overcharges over the course of nearly 20 years does not lessen the wrongdoing. He went on to invoke such notorious American corporate criminals as Bernie Madoff and Enron’s executive leadership in summing up how deeply he feared unethical service providers could potentially taint the inmate communications industry.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

A Large Mix of Equally Complex Topics Comes Together in Laidlaw Trial

It’s doubtful that anyone’s ever made a serious claim to the legal profession’s simplicity. It’s right up there with medicine and economics as one of the more complex aspects of our society. And that’s exactly why I found a recent case involving Laidlaw & Company so interesting. The investment bank is up against Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical-stage medical company. And so far it seems to be going in their favor. The most recent incident in the trail was a temporary restraining order and associated injunction against Laidlaw. It’d been decided that they were spreading deliberately misleading information about the case. But at the same time, one person’s idea of misleading information can simply be the other side of a complex story.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

I was quite curious to see exactly where Laidlaw was coming from. And I figured that there was nowhere better to get their side of things than their own website. And that intuition proved to be a wise choice. Right from the start it helped to clarify some things about Laidlaw. For one thing, the fact that they were involved with Relmada wasn’t a fluke. The company has a long history of helping to finance various projects involved with medical research. Anyone familiar with the medical industry knows how important it is to find people willing to help expedite the research process.

This aspect of Laidlaw’s overall business plan was further illuminated when I looked for information about the company’s principals. Not only did the company have a long history of helping out with medical research, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern did as well. They have a lengthy history posted right on the site. Their personal interest in helping fund medical research and associated projects really helped to inform my opinion about the company as a whole. The reasons why Laidlaw has such an intense interest in Relmada is more clear within that context. It makes sense that a company which is heavily involved with medical concerns would want a hands on approach.