Upwork’s Guide to Conquering Your To-Do List

So, you like the idea of to-do lists but maybe you don’t end up using them like you should? Well, Upwork, the site that connects 12 million freelancers with over 5 million clients every day, has just the guide for you. Follow their handy tips and start crossing off that ever-growing list.

The idea of a to-do list is to get all those thoughts out of your head and onto paper, freeing up that brain space. Upwork’s advice is to list everything in your head, and don’t forget, there are plenty of mobile apps and software to help you get organized. The list should be prepared the night before, not the morning of, otherwise, Upwork notes, you will waste that early morning energy on organization, instead of tackling your pile of tasks. To make this easier, the entire list should be located in the same, easy-to-find location, a piece of paper or a piece of software.

Upwork advises that your to-do list should be managed alongside a schedule, noting when and how much of your time will be spent on a task, and then prioritize. As other issues arise, keep returning to the list, working on the most important tasks, and then reorganize the list as needed, and as your priorities change. If you take a glance at your to-do list and it starts to overwhelm you, don’t be afraid to delegate, where you can, and break down large tasks into simpler, smaller subtasks. This is, as Upwork notes, a great way to fool your mind. If a task seems overwhelming then, hopefully, smaller tasks within that larger task will not seem so daunting.

The final piece of Upwork’s advice, to help you tackle your to-do list, is to group your tasks together based on how alike they may be, that way you won’t have to shift your frame of mind to tackle the next task, and organize these groups based on the concentration you will need to expend to complete them.

With Upworth’s market value surpassing $1 billion, this is company that knows how to make your to-do’s into to-done’s.


Securing Your Financial Future is Your Job

So you hold this enviable position in this great company. You are earning a huge salary; your life could not be more comfortable. Then, there are all the perks and all the parties.

You are one of the most fortunate souls in this world; for many are in jobs they hate, and they have always struggled financially. But have you invested? Do you own stocks? Real estate? Commodities?

Do you have a side business? Too many questions here, but they are questions concerning your financial future.


Investing is Everyone’s Business

Many people who are not investors tend to think investing is a heavy subject best left to large investment banks, fund managers, banks, insurance companies, and smart people (Americasjubilee).

But everyone needs to understand how money and investments work in an increasingly challenging world, see related news from Stansberry Research. It is all right to love your job and the company you work for, but that is not enough.

Soon, you will have to leave that company for good. Have you thought about what your life will be like after retirement? You probably have been saving a part of your income every month. While having savings is commendable, it is not enough — invest.


Find Help

You need to learn about investing. Some of the most successful investors the world has ever seen are self-taught says Stansberry Research. But they do not allocate capital blindly.

They spend a lot of time reading what most people would call “boring reports,” getting a lot of useful, up-to-date information from proven research companies.

Other times they visit with associates from such firms and get practical advice. In the end, they make sound decisions that secure their future.

If you are an individual self-managing your portfolio, Stansberry Research offers you actionable research and investment recommendations.



How To Sail Through Your Financial Storms As A Youth Like Christopher Linkas

As a young person coming up in life, there are any uncertainties of what life has for you and this has made many youths either develop a sense of hopelessness or become futurist depending on their surroundings. It is unfortunate that some young guys have money at their disposal provided by their parents yet they don’t have thoughts of saving because they kind of think they will have parental support forever. As a young person, one thought should engage your mind is that you have your own separate life and future for yourself and the time to build it is now. Therefore, it is very wise to visit qualified financial advisors like Christopher Linkas as early as now to set some financial goals for your life.

Congratulations for graduating from college and welcome to the corporate world where you have to be responsible for making every financial decision to either develop or collapse your future. Don’t be afraid you’re not alone; there are a lot of good people who have been in finance world for over two decades who can guide you through like Christopher Linkas who serves as the head of credit department at one of the famous UK-based Investment Group (http://releasefact.com/2018/03/investment-expert-chris-linkas/). Nevertheless, you just have to overcome some financial hurdles on your recession journey.

As a young adult fresh in the corporate world learn to overcome financial illiteracy which will involve proper management of your money, loans, credits, savings etc. Set methods of repaying your student loan if you had any, venture into investment and take risks because you’re are still young, you‘ve more opportunities, don’t go for conservative portfolios. Always learn to overcome societal pressures. Christopher Linkas overcame his own hurdles where immediately after college got a job at RER Financial Group LLC serving as an Analyst, Asset Manager and later on as the Vice President.

Christopher Linkas later joined Goldman Sachs where he served in Mortgage sector as the Vice President. He focused on looking for international real estate investment opportunities in Canada, United States, and Europe. As a result of Chris Linkas success, he became internationally recognized as the Managing Director and European Head of Credit. As a young person learn to brainstorm on finding the solutions to problems.

End Citizens United Puts Democracy On Trial

In any democratic nation in the world, citizens have the supreme power over any democratic government. The people’s power can never be overshadowed or dwarfed if they stand for the fight for the course in their heart. Many governments have been brought down by the citizens if they do not deliver.

End Citizens United prides itself in being a Democratic Political Action Committee. Its main drive is to overturn the United States Supreme Court ruling. The civil case was Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission; the decision sent shockwaves across the political quotas in the United States. The shock ruling has had a long-term impact with its opposition continuing unabated. The ruling by the court stated that there would be no funding limitation when it comes to corporate support of candidate’s election in political broadcasts. Majority of the members of End Citizens United are democrats and as expected, they hope that there would be meaningful change in the leadership of Democrats.

There had been previously a small number of Court cases to alter the political direction of United States. For instance cases like Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857 and others like Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 not forgetting and Roe v. Wade in 1973. These cases were not only controversial court rulings but also had consequences that resulted in a permanent impact on the political culture of the United States of America.

Citizens United was a conservative group that attacked the then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during primaries of the nominations. The case was ruled way after 2010. They went to court to have the Federal Election Commission overturned. The federal court ruled in favor of FEC and the Citizens United lost the case then.

In addition, the court swept away the ability of the federal government to place any limitations on what can be done by the corporations to influence the election outcome. Professional from all parties found out that the new rules brought about by Citizens United decision were profound. Corporate campaign contributions were allowed to basically be not only unlimited but also largely anonymous.

Unfortunately, the Citizens United gave the Republicans an added advantage. This was because the party had a connection to the economic elites and with deep pockets and influence in the vast and wealthy corporate world.

Non-governmental organizations, End Citizens United, together with activists and the Democrat party have been working hard to overturn the ruling. The ruling gives some parties advantage over others skewing democracy towards corporate influence.

To know more visit @: endcitizensunited.org/our-team/

Jeff Aronin: Working in the Healthcare Industry

The threat from diseases is becoming more frightening, but the good thing is, several companies from around the world are doing the best that they can to fight off these diseases. They have been developing new treatments, and they are innovating the ones that have been existing for years to be more effective. Paragon Biosciences led by Jeff Aronin is one of these companies which are developing new treatments for diseases that are too challenging to cure. The company also has a huge database of information surrounding traditional medicine, herbal medicine and other forms of alternative and what its effects to the people are, and they are trying to change it to fit the lifestyle of the 21st century. Paragon Biosciences is also known for being a multinational company that is providing a lot of investment options for their clients, especially for those who wanted to put money to invest in biopharmaceutical products.


A Dedicated Leader

Behind the success of the company is a true leader, in the persona of Jeff Aronin. He is one of the original co-founders of the company, but Jeff Aronin was just elected to become the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences in 2010. The board of directors stated that they wanted to put their trust in someone who knows the company well and who understands what it truly needs. Aside from being the overall chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin was also given minor roles by the board of directors, serving as the chairman for a number of their subsidiaries.

Jeff Aronin has a lot of work experience in the field of medicine and healthcare. Between the years 2000 to 2009, he was appointed to the position of the CEO and president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, another company that he co-founded. He did a great job in making the company profitable, and because of his actions, many companies soon started knocking on his door offering him a lot of business contracts (https://angel.co/jeff-aronin). There were contracts for mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, but what Jeff Aronin chose was to be acquired by Ovation Pharmaceuticals, because he was promised that his position within the company will be kept, meaning that he will still be the president and the CEO.

Southridge Capital LLC review

In a recent Release Fact article by editor, Brian Harris, it was noted that Southridge Capital is a financial solutions innovator. With experience in providing financing advice to more than 250 public companies, Southridge Capital has consulted on corporate issues from individualized financing techniques to optimized balance sheet management to assist individuals as well as small to mid-level growing companies facing the onset of becoming public.




Southridge boasts a five-member management team which exhibits leadership in the services which they provide. This team consists of Founder and CEO, Stephen M. Hicks; Controller and CFO, Narine Persaud; General Counsel, Henry B. Sargent; Director of Research, Laurence J. Ditkoff and rounding out the team, Linda Carlsen, Portfolio Management. This team is responsible for a major portion of the success and growth the company has experienced.


Southridge Capital provides innovative services which include advice on monetization of assets via loans against insider shares or capital; Balance Sheet Optimization; Restructuring Analysis and Bankruptcy advice. These structured finance aspects of services demonstrate their “out of the box” thinking. Their financial capacity-building strategies and successful asset-building advice has proven them to be innovators in ongoing revenue generation.  You can checkout linkedin.com to see more.


The financial services provided by Southridge Capital has created acquisition opportunities for the company. These acquisitions are structured to generate additional revenue while enhancing an ever-growing and diversified portfolio. Southridge Capital acquired Elite Data Services, Inc., a technology-based marketing and advertising firm and Elayaway.com, a payment processing and payment management firm. These successful acquisitions can be added to their previous direct investment of over $1.8 billion into growth companies in the United States, Asia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.


This Connecticut based company is not just a globally-minded company but is community minded as well. Among its charitable recipients is the Ridgefield Community Center, Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation/Danbury Hospital, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, Walnut Community Hill Church to name a few. Southridge Capital LLC will long be remembered for its charitable contributions in the communities it serves.



Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/southridge-investment-group#section-overview


See more: https://www.facebook.com/southridgellc

Get A Non-Recourse Loan With Equities First Holdings

Who Is The Popular Equities First Holdings LLC

Equities First Holdings LLC, is a popular base lending service that serves a nationwide audience. Their recent global expansion includes a deal with Australia. Their customers are given a loan based on a strict evaluation to assume far smaller risk. Their nonrecpurs loans are available to individual investors and mid-sized corporations. You can get a secure loan with far less collateral. You decide what you need and they’ll do the rest with a worry free loan application. Start your small business or get a loan to upgrade with one of their simple, but effective loans.

More news About Equities First Holdings

You can learn more about Equities First Holdings by visiting their official website for more details. Their team of professionals will make sure you receive a hassle-free equity loan experience.

Jason Hope shells out big bucks on behalf of anti-aging research

Jason Hope is a jack-of-all-trades, and he is possibly a master of just as many. Many people know Hope as a prolific writer and blogger on a variety of technological topics. Hope has made a name for himself as somebody who has a sagacious aptitude for being able to see trends and where they’re heading, long before anyone else. He has put this to good use not just in his writing career but also in his ability to form some of the most cutting-edge tech firms that the country has ever seen.

As an entrepreneur, Hope was responsible for the creation of Jawa, one of the first premium mobile content streaming providers in the United States and the first one to successfully implement the business model. In fact, so far-sighted was Hope that he was able to beat Apple to the same business model that would eventually lead that company on to gigantic success more than 10 years later. This incredible propensity for seeing trends emerging long before anybody else even knows they exist has given Hope a particularly elevated status among the entrepreneurial community within the United States tech space.

But Hope has also been known for his insightful analysis of technological matters as well as those pertaining to the advancement of medical research. Hope has been able to write lucidly about the coming revolution that will take place as a result of the advent of the Internet of Things, a revolution that he likens in scope and size to that of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Hope believes that such things as automated shopping are just around the corner, completely transforming the way that people are able to spend their leisure time and even the way in which most people will eventually work.

But Hope has also been actively involved is a philanthropist. Recently announced that he would be donating more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, one of the most forward-thinking medical research institutions in the world today. The bulk of Hope’s donations will go to atherosclerosis research. The SENS Foundation declared that the amount of money being donated by Hope is sufficient to staff a team of four full-time researchers for up to a year, greatly increasing the ability of the institution to carry out its mandate.

This is just one of the many exciting things that Hope has been involved in over the last year.

Read More: gust.com/companies/jason-hope

Business Coach and Banker-David Giertz

A lot of working people are always thinking of retiring soon, but according to David Giertz one should not think of retirement before asking and answering some questions. Mr. David Giertz has more than 30 years of experience and skills serving in the financial sector. He gained experience while working for several organizations among them Nationwide Financial Distributors, and Citigroup. Giertz graduated from the University of Miami with an Executive MBA. His efforts and committed enabled to rise in the career ladder to the position of a Vice President. All through his working years, he has been a leader who has impacted people and organizations giving him a chance to sit on different Boards as a member and a Director.

David listed down some question that every worker should ask themselves before thinking of early retirement. Some of the questions are listed below.

Do you have enough savings; one thing that Giertz says is before you retire early make sure that you have enough savings. One should make sure that their savings will be able to increase and sustain them in the future before they retire. According to David, most Americans do not have enough savings.

How much one will pay in taxes: David says that retirees should know that even after their retirement they pay taxes, and one should consider the effect of taxation on their income.

Can you pay for healthcare: individuals who are under 65 years are not eligible for Medicare, and before they retire they should have enough income to pay for their healthcare.

David Giertz is a certified Business Coach WABC. With his coaching experience, he was recognized as a world-class Gallup associate engagement score which increased from 4.41- 4.63 which is approximately 87%. Apart from being an expert in coaching, David has also been encouraging other organizations to practice coaching and he has also gone ahead to certify over 100 business leaders. David is passionate about helping others and apart from coaching he is also involved in community activities. He is the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Millikin University, as well as Budget and Finance committee.

Impressionable Facts about Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci has brought major changes in the real estate sector, and though his experience, he has inspired many young investors not to give up on their dreams. Vertucci started a business at a young age and has since then acquired a major success through his real estate investments. His humble background has shaped him into the reliable leader and investor he is today, besides giving a determination to help other people achieve their dreams.

Nick Vertucci started his career from the seminar and training that he attended back in 2004, through encouragement from his friend. He acquired great knowledge about real estates from the seminar which later inspired him to venture into the field. His real estate investments have grown tremendously over the past years and have formed the basis for Nick`s inspiration and determination to help other people bring their business ideas to life.

Nick Vertucci encourages investors not to get caught up on their personal issues but rather focus on things that add revenue to their business as they are likely to help them grow. He further insists that business owners must set clear goals, and have a plan on how to carry out their business operations as they act as guidelines for success. Nick encourages investors to believe in their ideas and find ways to implement them for success. He also encourages people not to rush in making decisions based on their businesses, as uninformed decisions can cause major losses on an individual’s business.

Nick Vertucci believes that every person should be prepared for change, if at all they dream of succeeding in their business ventures. He believes that people learn through adjusting new strategies and adjusting to the new trends in the market. Nick has been profoundly inspired by the real estate ventures and he insists that he is proud of his success. The real estate investor further insists that every individual with a passion towards achieving a certain goal can succeed as long as they put effort and show determination in their plan.Nick Vertucci believes that real estate investment can upgrade the life of an individual if they take it seriously and operate it with determination.