Talos Energy Merges with Stone Energy to Further Goal of Offshore Domination

Houston-based oil and gas company Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan. The company develops the production of oil and natural gas through exploration of properties up and down the Gulf of Mexico. Duncan founded the company using a $600 million dollar equity raise from Apollo Global Management. In 2013 Talos bought Energy and Resource Technology GOM Inc., a subsidiary of Houston-based Helix Group, for a sum total of $620 million. Now it is acquiring Stone Energy Corp. Stone Energy is a gas and oil producer from Louisiana. It filed for bankruptcy back in 2017, and now it will merge with Talos under their name, and Duncan will become CEO for both companies. The merger is further proof that Timothy Duncan wants it all.

The Stone Energy acquisition is another step in Talos Inc.’s plan to become premier company for gas and oil exploration offshore. In a statement provided by Duncan, the CEO reaffirmed his company’s mission, and expressed that Stone’s acquisition would speed the up development. In 2015, Talos won a bid for shallow exploration in Mexico. The bid struck pay dirt when it wrought 1.4 to 2 billion barrels of oil. Now with the purchase of IRT, and the merger with Stone, Talos is set to fully realize its goal. The discovery was made at the Zama-1 well in Mexico.

The completion of the merger will leave Talos stakeholders with 63 percent of the company, and Stone shareholders will retain the residual 37 percent. Initially the equity for market capitalization if figured at around $1.9 billion, with the stock price eleveating to $35.49. The newly formed combo company will begin trading at the New York Stock Exchange using the moniker TALO. The sale of Talos stock will also take the company public. Duncan is sure that the unified talent of both companies will grant the ability to pursue major exploration ventures. With their gain of shallow exploration in Mexico, the company is primed to become the name in offshore oil and gas production. The merger is expected to fully complete sometime next year, possibly within the first quarter, or early in the second.

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Cruelty Free Lime Crime’s Newest Addition!

Cruelty Free company Lime Crime is putting fans into an excited frenzy over the release of a new palette! The company recently announced a new product in an Twitter post featuring a picture of a palette with rays beating down on it and vivid, bold pinks and purples surrounding the box. Could this mean the palette will be a pink and purple box of fabulous fun for makeup lovers? This new palette could be an addition to the previously super successful Venus, Venus 2, and Venus XL, which are loved and adored by Lime Crime fans everywhere! Fans are lead to speculate the incorporation of the Venus 3.

The Venus, Venus 2, and Venus XL offer many bold and exciting colors that are sure to be a great addition to anyones makeup collection. With colors that excite and astound, the Venus palettes never disappoint! This is why fans are hoping to see some new colors in the theorized Venus 3!

One of the amazing things about Lime Crime is that they are certified cruely free and vegan. This means that they do not test any of their products on animals! Not only that, but they do not use any animal products or byproducts in their products! Lime Crime boasts a few official certifications, including Leaping Bunny and PETA. Leaping Bunny certification, which means that they have been through strict background checks to ensure that third party manufacturers are not testing on animals, is an official certification with a site that’s checked often by animal lovers who only buy cruelty free. They are also PETA certified, and can be found on PETA’s cruelty free list and shopping guide. Lime Crime is also acompany full of animal lovers who actively adopt and foster furry friends! This is a wonderful part of such an awesome company!

With the hopeful release of the Venus 3, and really great beauty products that range from eyes to lips to hair and nails, cruelty free Lime Crime is the clear choice for all of your hair and beauty needs, especially if you are awaiting new shadow palette colors!

The Chainsmokers Achieve Great Success In 2018 With Three Songs In The First Three Months

After taking a bit of a break from releasing new albums and singles The Chainsmokers released a new song on January 17, 2018, called “Sick Boy”. This song represents a change of pace for this dance duo as it is quite a bit darker than the music which preceded it. It has been described as a feisty dance song and it quickly found success. It is a song that is about how people often have an identity crisis nowadays between who they really are what they present on social media.

When asked about this new song, Alex Pall said that the song is narcissism and trying to get attention online. He says this is by and large a self-inflicted wound to have a big social media presence but on the other hand it’s how people communicate nowadays so it is a pretty necessary thing. Both Alex Pall and Drew Taggart wrote this song along with two other people. The first was their keyboard player, Tony Ann, and the other person was Emily Warren who has written many songs over the course of her career.

In addition to being heard on the radio and streaming services, “Sick Boy” also has a music video out which is available on YouTube. The video starts out with flares of fire piercing through a dimly lit environment. The video also features creature textures which have been placed on the duo that make up The Chainsmokers as they journey through a haunted house. The video doesn’t hit you over the head with what the song is about, though, and the lyrics are not overwhelmed by the visual imagery. The video has amassed over 136 million views.

Following up on “Sick Boy” pretty quickly, The Chainsmokers released “You Owe Me” in February. This song hit number four on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. In its first month the accompanying video to this song had 34 million views. The song they released in March is a single called “Everybody Hates Me”. They didn’t release a video for this song but the audio-only YouTube video hit nine million views in its first month of being online.


A Brief Profile of Elysium Health

Founded on the idea of bringing effective products through rigorous research to the supplement industry, Elysium Health, a new kind of health company, ensures that its products undergo testing and clinical development before being put on sale. Elysium Health was founded in 2014. The co-founder of the company, Dr. Leonard Guarente, serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. The company works together with world-class scientists and clinicians from prominent academic institutions like Yale, Oxford, Harvard, and StanfordCambridge to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.

Elysium Health created Basis, a daily supplement designed to support cellular health. Basis is proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our bodies. NAD+ is required for energy creation, DNA health, circadian rhythm, and more. The levels of this coenzyme decline as we age, and those processes stop functioning.

To include Basis in your daily routine, purchase it on Elysium Health’s website. The company sells Basis in a variety of monthly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions start at $50 per month. Prepaying for a longer subscription decreases the cost per month to $45 ($270 for six months) or $40 dollars ($480 for twelve months) per month. Visit Elysium Health’s website to view all available subscription plans.



Randal Nardone: The Lead At Fortress Investment Group

After spending years working in the financial field, Randal Nardone realized that he was in a position wherein he could lead a company and at the same time help its growth and development. His experience and knowledge in the field was something that could aid him in this endeavor, and could potentially prove to be useful for Nardone. Currently, the financialist stands as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, a company that offers a range of investment and asset management services to people all over the country. Through Fortress Investment Group, Nardone has been able to aid corporates who are looking for ways to improve their business and secure a better financial future for themselves.One of the things that Nardone likes staying true to are the high standards that he sets for the company. Nardone believes that for the company to truly grow, it needs to stay above the rest in terms of the services they provide and also the clients that they serve. For this purpose, Nardone takes a great amount of care to ensure that everything within the company is working as intended and to take care of anything that might come in the way of its workings.

Through the course of his career, Nardone has worked with a vast number of clients coming from a variety of different sectors and industries. The work that he has done with these clients has helped shape up the knowledge that he possesses and the manner in which he works. This has given him an edge over others in the field and enables him to perform better at the workplace, thereby contributing to more development at Fortress Financial Group.Before starting up Fortress Investment Group, Nardone held a few notable positions within a number of financial companies. The last post that he held before he started Fortress Investment Group was that of the Managing Director of UBS, a company that also specializes in financial services. He had been serving in this position for over three years before he decided that it was time for him to partake on his ventures, which is what led him to decide to start Fortress Investment Group.

Since first starting up the company, Fortress Investment Group has seen an incredible amount of developments. One of the more prominent events that Nardone had helped execute was with regards to the company’s presence on the stock market. Before the move, no investment company was made public on the stock market, but Nardone and the rest of the board at the company saw this as a move that could potentially pay off incredibly well. After much deliberation, Fortress Investment Group went public on the NYSE in 2007, and become the first company of its kind to do so.There is no doubt that Nardone has shaped the company into the name that it is today. This skill and expertise in the financial field have significantly improved the workings of the company, thereby aiding all the clients who come to them.

Unlimited Investment Potential

The American economy was built on capitalism; the concept of free trade and the literal ability to have unlimited earning potential, assuming you are intelligent with how you conduct business and how you invest your funds. In the earlier years, during the Industrial Revolution, corporations took care of their employees throughout their lifetimes, even after they retired from the company in question and no longer put in any man hours. The pension fund was created for this purpose, to show an employee that the company you worked for was loyal to you as long as you remained loyal to them. It was proof of a symbiotic relationship. Unfortunately, in the modern day world, such value on employees no longer seems to exist. Pension funds have gone extinct like the dinosaurs, and all that is left in its wake is the ability invest hopeful retirement funds into 401k, 403b, and IRA investment accounts. A man is trying to remedy this. His name is Matt Badiali and his idea for the future of investment are known as freedom checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Freedom checks operate under Statute 26-F, which distinctly notes that investment options, under certain requirements, are not taxed. As long as a company receives 90% of their total income from oil or gasoline sales they are capable of implementing and issuing freedom checks to their shareholders. What this means is that companies who adopt this form of investment are not taxed on issuing them, which is a huge deal, especially for smaller companies in the industry who want to disperse that additional money to other areas of operation. Freedom checks are sent out to shareholders in much the same way as social security checks and can be placed into any number of traditional investment accounts, completely tax free and without worry of spending any of your hard earned money to build on.

Learn: https://dailyreckoning.com/freedom-checks-exposed/


With such an unsure future, especially for retirement options, shareholders need to invest in what makes the most sense. Taxes can easily damage and diminish an investment account, especially if a shareholder needs to quickly draw funds in a time of emergency. Freedom checks seek to remove these common issues, allowing those who use them to see a brighter and more secure future for their money. It is an ingenious concept and one that Matt Badiali places his reputation on and one that should not be ignored in the future world. Read this article at metropolismag.com.

NGP VAN and Canvassing with NGP MiniVAN

The Cost of Canvassing

An estimated $9 Billion is spent every year by candidates of political parties to inform or notify voter’s persuasions about a political candidate. It is important to know that thought most campaigners are part of a paid staff many US Citizens give much of their free tie to the cause and support of their chosen political candidate.

Canvassing is a common practice of every political party and canvassing has a long history both in the United States and the UK. Canvassing is upheld by the Supreme Court in Martin vs. Struthers. Canvassing allows political party staff members or volunteers to visit designated areas where a candidates voters reside and present political questions to gain knowledge about their political supporters.

Statistical Research from Berkely

Canvassing is a way to stretch political campaign donations to their maximum use while gaining the unpaid support of volunteers who carry out canvassing thru giving their free time and help.

In recent years there has been some controversy whether canvassing is still the best way to affect voters during an election with the growing use of social media being used to gain leverage in affecting voters online.

A recent study by UC Berkely professors Broockman and Kalla showed the impact of canvassing campaigns are negligible. Not useless, but only about 1 in every 800 voters, if canvassed within two months before an election, are affected by canvassing techniques, showed Brookman and Kalla.

NGP VAN’s MiniVAN Mobile Solution to canvassing

NGP VAN has been the #1 leader in software that assists the Democratic Party, politcal parties, and non-profit groups in organizing their campaigns. NGP VAN has developed software which assists canvassers so that their time spent volunteering won’t be wasted on data input, but visiting voters who are potentially open to the candidate they are supporting. The NGP VAN MiniVAN is a mobile platform that transmits data to the canvasser as well as voter information directly to the campaign center once it is received. In turn, this information is used and collected and integrated into the overall voter canvassing campaign used by Campaign staff and its candidate. NGP MiniVAN is a free app offered by NGP VAN.

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Sitting Down with Jorge Moll M.D.

Jorge Moll is accomplished father, doctor and businessman. He studied at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Moll received a Medical Doctor degree and finished his residency at the federal university. He is a compassionate man who cares about his patients and their well being. He is currently the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He also serves as Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and works with Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

In an interview with Interview.Net, Jorge Moll talked about his family life, his business and things that interest him. Moll talked about how he created the D’OR Institute to help improve the healthcare industry in Brazil. He believes in the free exchanges of ideas. He talked about how he spends a lot of time consulting with students, researchers and scientists and entrepreneurs. He believes that the best ideas are the ones that can be converted to actions. Moll talked about how he has many ideas throughout the day and he has to filter them out to pick the best ones.

Then, Jorge Moll expressed about his interest in recent topics such as artificial intelligence and new gene therapies. He talked about if he could give one message to his younger self, he would tell himself to be more decisive with ideas or let them go. He talked about how the current system hinder scientific innovation. Moll believes that in business you should question the model and not trying to the same thing over and over again.

Moll believes that people can be successful by doing new and interesting things. He talked about how in life, he has had many failures. He analyzed these failures and learned from them to find ways to better himself. Jorge Moll wants to start a company that meets patient’s needs and make hospital experiences better.

Finally, Moll talked about himself and his family life. He talked about how he never regrets spending money on his family. He talked about he would like to buy we domains, which could help him start a new nonprofit governmental organization. He uses Evernote and Trello to help him stay organized and productive throughout the day. He recommends that everyone should read The Exegesis by Philip Dick. His favorite quote is by Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.



The Great Achievements of Lous Chenevert

Lous Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation and throughout his service in the firm, he has always had a dedication towards increasing its total revenue. His service in the firm was marked by tremendous growth in the firm`s profits and total production increasing by a high percentage. Besides taking a role in the UTC firm, Lous served in many other companies, namely Pratt &Whitney, General Motors St Therese Operation, Goldman Sachs, among many other successful firms in the country.

Teamwork is one of the major tactics that saw UTC rise into the big company it is today. Lous organised his team of employees into a small group of determined individuals so that they would share ideas together and come up with the best strategies to solve the various problems experienced in the firm.

Chenevert`s clear understanding of his customers’ needs grew his passion for delivering high-quality products to them that would change the entire industry. His adoption of new technology saw UTC be the leader in the provision of new and unique equipment and machines in the technological industry. During his term in the firm, Chenevert saw the firm develop the GTF engine that consumed less fuel.

Lous believes that a business person must be optimistic in their operations if at all they ought to achieve success. With a positive attitude, lots insist that it gets difficult for an entrepreneur to give up on their dreams, but rather puts effort to meet their goals.

In his entire career life, Lous Chenevert has showcased excellent leadership skills. He has always worked closely with his team of employees to deliver the best services, besides availing everything that his key operational executives require to succeed in developing the firm. Lous insists that every business owner should respect their employees as there is a crucial idea that they can learn from them. He insists that every person is unique in their way and it is only through sharing and collaborating that they can succeed in their operations. He further encourages investors to associate themselves with winners as they acquire a chance to learn new developmental ideas.


Equity first holding in Australia

Equity first holding is a company which was formed in 2000 by Christy Jr who is still the president of the company. The company is privately owned hence working as a limited liability company laws. The organization helps in providing alternative ways of peoples to acquire finance on the bases of the shares in the marked all over the world. The company has completed about 700 transactions since it started its activities.

In Australia, the company is based in Sydney, but they also operate satellite offices in Perth and Melbourne. Equity first holdings announced their agreement to work with the Environmental clean technologies limited company which deals with engineering and commercializing of leading-edge coal and iron making technologies. In this agreement equity first holding will help in funding the major project which will be conducted in India.

Equity first holdings team of staff are well qualified and dedicated to working together to create a great future for the company.

For details: uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc