Rocketship Education – Striving To Make A Difference

Rocketship is a non-profit network of elementary charter schools that are focused on helping low-income students in certain neighborhoods where there isn’t great access to excellent schools or it is limited. The staff at Rocketship believes that schools can transform how each student is educated in addition to empowering teachers and ensuring that parents are engaged. They work with the community to inspire everyone and strive to develop great relationships through their learning processes. The Rocketship Team firmly believes that every student has the potential to grow more than anyone could ever imagine, and they hope to be able to help each student progress with knowledge.

Rocketship provides a network of public schooling from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. They are solely dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap that can happen with school age children. The foundation of Rocketship education is more than a school system, they are a group of highly dedicated teachers, thriving leaders, engaged parents and a supportive community. They work towards ensuring that the future and its changes remain positive.

Rocketship follows a pristine and accurate core of characteristics. They practice authenticity on a regular basis to ensure that they deliver transparency with all of the work they do. The constantly assess their overall work ethic to make sure they are learning and growing. They also take active participation in the community and set out to seek diversity by expanding their circle of students, staff and commitments. They also make sure to set thorough, yet reachable goals to enhance satisfaction and production. Once the goal is set, they do what they need to do to achieve the goal. Although certain goals may be difficult at time, they make sure that they take the necessary steps to increase an excellent outcome. Innovation is also something that they strive to ensure they are providing to the students as well as the staff. They take responsible risks to make sure they are making a positive impact in society. They also make sure to pursue excellence within everything they do. They continually strive to make positive goals and long term solutions that benefit everyone.