Securus Technologies Tries to Take Cell Phones Away From Inmates

It might come as a surprise to many, but the prisoners have had the opportunity to access cell phones during their incarceration. Most people would probably be surprised to hear this was ever an option for inmates. Here’s the story.


It starts with a man named Robert Johnson of Delray Beach, South Carolina. He worked at the Lee Correctional Institution where his main job was to confiscate contraband from the inmates. Contraband are items that the inmates are not allowed to have. This position led to him becoming a target. He was shot in his home. He has discussed this for seven years now. Fortunately, the shooter has been convicted and is behind bars today.


Situations like that and many others are what makes this an issue that must be resolved. Securus Technologies were quick to decide that the access to this type of technology was the reason why the hit was ever possible. Security systems can be installed by Securus to prevent any of the contraband technology from working. That solves two problems. The first is the confiscation of contraband and the second prevents any signal from being used. This renders any un-confiscated contraband useless.


Help has been offered from the FCC as well to help streamline this type of technology blocking device to help place the situation on the fast track. The regulations could then be implemented across the country. In the place of the illegal contraband cell phones would be a legit system for prisoners to use to communicate with the outside world. The key is that communication would be monitored. Most people involved, consider it a win for both inmate communication and the outside world’s public safety.


It is important to note that inmates do need a legitimate way to communicate with their family and friends. The important part of that is the screening. The communication should help the inmate get back on track with integration of society. Let it help them serve their time well and gain employment after they are released.


Securus Technologies are a company out of Dallas, Texas that serves the public safety portion of the business. They serve facilities that house 1,200,000 inmates all together. With their help, 1.7 million attempts at communication with outsiders were intercepted from the inmates. Think of what that could mean in prevention of crime. Imagine gangs communicating from in the prison systems to the gang members on the outside. The implications are immense. Securus can help the system to never fail someone like Robert Johnson and still enable the inmates to communicate as needed in a legitimate way.