Susan McGalla Setting An Example for Women in Business

Businesses that have ethnic and gender diversity have a 15 to 35% chance of outperforming companies that do not. The belief is these companies are open to new idea making them capable of outperforming the competition because there are multiple perspectives from the workplace diversity. Women hold only a small portion of the S&P 500 companies C-level positions.

A Story of Success

While reaching high level positions is something a number of women struggle to achieve in there organizations there are also woman like Susan McGalla helping to pave the way for women leaders. McGalla gives credit to raising her comfort level working with women and men. Susan did not get breaks because she was a girl growing up having a dad who coached football and two brothers, she was required to work for the things she wanted and took this lesson with her to become successful. She has held several high level positions.

When Susan McGalla started at American Eagle Outfitters the company executives were all men but she worked her way up to become president before she left. She is no the Pittsburgh Steelers Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development and founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She is in a male dominated industry, she participated in the campaign to get fans to purchase the Steeler gear. She is confident in the workplace and began with a company willing to take a chance on her and allow her to move up as she earned higher positions in the company.

Leadership Initiatives for Women

The success of Susan McGalla is encouraging but not every woman will find the same opportunities. Woman have faced the glass ceiling for years and there are a lot of initiatives and networks for women. Women leaders have a place to share ideas and get support while having a place to develop strategies and plans for their businesses. Woman also get to make connections in the industry while learning the latest business trends.

Initiatives and networks for women have been working to make changes for years. The goal is to show the women can hold executive positions just as well as men can while giving them opportunities to support each other and stand out.

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