Randal Nardone: The Lead At Fortress Investment Group

After spending years working in the financial field, Randal Nardone realized that he was in a position wherein he could lead a company and at the same time help its growth and development. His experience and knowledge in the field was something that could aid him in this endeavor, and could potentially prove to be useful for Nardone. Currently, the financialist stands as the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, a company that offers a range of investment and asset management services to people all over the country. Through Fortress Investment Group, Nardone has been able to aid corporates who are looking for ways to improve their business and secure a better financial future for themselves.One of the things that Nardone likes staying true to are the high standards that he sets for the company. Nardone believes that for the company to truly grow, it needs to stay above the rest in terms of the services they provide and also the clients that they serve. For this purpose, Nardone takes a great amount of care to ensure that everything within the company is working as intended and to take care of anything that might come in the way of its workings.

Through the course of his career, Nardone has worked with a vast number of clients coming from a variety of different sectors and industries. The work that he has done with these clients has helped shape up the knowledge that he possesses and the manner in which he works. This has given him an edge over others in the field and enables him to perform better at the workplace, thereby contributing to more development at Fortress Financial Group.Before starting up Fortress Investment Group, Nardone held a few notable positions within a number of financial companies. The last post that he held before he started Fortress Investment Group was that of the Managing Director of UBS, a company that also specializes in financial services. He had been serving in this position for over three years before he decided that it was time for him to partake on his ventures, which is what led him to decide to start Fortress Investment Group.

Since first starting up the company, Fortress Investment Group has seen an incredible amount of developments. One of the more prominent events that Nardone had helped execute was with regards to the company’s presence on the stock market. Before the move, no investment company was made public on the stock market, but Nardone and the rest of the board at the company saw this as a move that could potentially pay off incredibly well. After much deliberation, Fortress Investment Group went public on the NYSE in 2007, and become the first company of its kind to do so.There is no doubt that Nardone has shaped the company into the name that it is today. This skill and expertise in the financial field have significantly improved the workings of the company, thereby aiding all the clients who come to them.