Tony Petrello and the Appreciation of Life

Life is a way of turning around and changing. People can never take things for granted because you never know how everything will turn out. It is something people often learn the hard way. However, that helps as motivating factor, because people are more inclined to help others if they have gone through an individual experience and knew what consequences they have to deal with afterward.

Tony Petrello encounters small miracles every day. His daughter was born with neurological difference, and it takes her more determination and strength to earn things than it would for other children. Her strength is remarkable and her resilience – even more so. She is eight years old and recently learned to chew her food. For most people, it would seem like a natural thing, but for Tony Petrello’s little girl it is a significant achievement. Tony Petrello donated money to help other people who are struggling with the same thing and continues to support people who struggle with different aspects of life.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries which is a big international drilling contractor. He also fills the shoes of a COO of the company, but he considers his main responsibility to the Texas Children’s Hospital where he serves on the Board of Trustees. When the family was told about the difficulties their daughter would have to overcome, Tony Petrello wanted to make sure there was medical staff available to help. They didn’t care about the money or the distance, local or overseas facilities. They did a lot of research before setting on Texas. Tony also wanted to make sure that there was enough research into the matter.

Before Tony Petrello got involved there was not enough research done on the way children’s brain sometimes develop. He wanted to turn it around and make sure his daughter had the support she needed. Also, if there were any breakthroughs in the research, he wanted to make sure that his daughter and other children with the same condition would receive the treatment and assistance needed. Tony Petrello wants to make sure children have as happy, and as full of life as possible, so he spends time, energy and money to help those struggling.

Life is full of cure balls and miracles, and it is important not to take anything for granted because people never know what can happen in the future. Every day counts.

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