Unlimited Investment Potential

The American economy was built on capitalism; the concept of free trade and the literal ability to have unlimited earning potential, assuming you are intelligent with how you conduct business and how you invest your funds. In the earlier years, during the Industrial Revolution, corporations took care of their employees throughout their lifetimes, even after they retired from the company in question and no longer put in any man hours. The pension fund was created for this purpose, to show an employee that the company you worked for was loyal to you as long as you remained loyal to them. It was proof of a symbiotic relationship. Unfortunately, in the modern day world, such value on employees no longer seems to exist. Pension funds have gone extinct like the dinosaurs, and all that is left in its wake is the ability invest hopeful retirement funds into 401k, 403b, and IRA investment accounts. A man is trying to remedy this. His name is Matt Badiali and his idea for the future of investment are known as freedom checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Freedom checks operate under Statute 26-F, which distinctly notes that investment options, under certain requirements, are not taxed. As long as a company receives 90% of their total income from oil or gasoline sales they are capable of implementing and issuing freedom checks to their shareholders. What this means is that companies who adopt this form of investment are not taxed on issuing them, which is a huge deal, especially for smaller companies in the industry who want to disperse that additional money to other areas of operation. Freedom checks are sent out to shareholders in much the same way as social security checks and can be placed into any number of traditional investment accounts, completely tax free and without worry of spending any of your hard earned money to build on.

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With such an unsure future, especially for retirement options, shareholders need to invest in what makes the most sense. Taxes can easily damage and diminish an investment account, especially if a shareholder needs to quickly draw funds in a time of emergency. Freedom checks seek to remove these common issues, allowing those who use them to see a brighter and more secure future for their money. It is an ingenious concept and one that Matt Badiali places his reputation on and one that should not be ignored in the future world. Read this article at metropolismag.com.