Upwork’s Guide to Conquering Your To-Do List

So, you like the idea of to-do lists but maybe you don’t end up using them like you should? Well, Upwork, the site that connects 12 million freelancers with over 5 million clients every day, has just the guide for you. Follow their handy tips and start crossing off that ever-growing list.

The idea of a to-do list is to get all those thoughts out of your head and onto paper, freeing up that brain space. Upwork’s advice is to list everything in your head, and don’t forget, there are plenty of mobile apps and software to help you get organized. The list should be prepared the night before, not the morning of, otherwise, Upwork notes, you will waste that early morning energy on organization, instead of tackling your pile of tasks. To make this easier, the entire list should be located in the same, easy-to-find location, a piece of paper or a piece of software.

Upwork advises that your to-do list should be managed alongside a schedule, noting when and how much of your time will be spent on a task, and then prioritize. As other issues arise, keep returning to the list, working on the most important tasks, and then reorganize the list as needed, and as your priorities change. If you take a glance at your to-do list and it starts to overwhelm you, don’t be afraid to delegate, where you can, and break down large tasks into simpler, smaller subtasks. This is, as Upwork notes, a great way to fool your mind. If a task seems overwhelming then, hopefully, smaller tasks within that larger task will not seem so daunting.

The final piece of Upwork’s advice, to help you tackle your to-do list, is to group your tasks together based on how alike they may be, that way you won’t have to shift your frame of mind to tackle the next task, and organize these groups based on the concentration you will need to expend to complete them.

With Upworth’s market value surpassing $1 billion, this is company that knows how to make your to-do’s into to-done’s.