Wengie’s 15 DIY Rubber Band Hacks


Wengie, the popular YouTube blogger known for her DIY hacks, shares some hacks that involve rubber bands in this video. She uses the rubber bands as helpful way to guide those who are learning how to use chopsticks. With a small piece of paper wedged between the chopsticks and rubber bands holding it all together, these training chopsticks created by Wengie look very useful. She even shares another helpful hack for those who wear glasses that are constantly slipping down onto your nose. By tying rubber bands onto the glasses right where it rests above your ear, it prevents slipping. When you’re working on other DIY projects, rubber bands are still especially handy. Wengie shows us how you can use a rubber band tied around your paint bucket or container. You can use the rubber band to wipe off the excess paint so that it won’t be so messy with paint dripping everywhere. Wengie ties the straw to the top of the bottle using nothing more than a rubber band, and the straw stays securely in place.

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  1. Wengie demonstrates that you can do practically anything with an elastic band or two. There is likewise a hack that will shield you from losing your straw within vast water bottles. That is indeed what cheap essay papers might have to do for them if they understand what is needed to be done rightly.

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