White Shark Media, A Great Company

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency. The company was founded in 2011. White Shark Media focuses on creating marketing solutions for small and medium businesses. There are three brains behind this successful business. Alexander Nygart is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of White Shark Media, Gary Garth is the Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder, and Andrew Lolk is a Co-Founder of the company as well.

White Shark Media is a well developed company. The company was built on great core values. One of the most important beliefs that the company has is always being honest and having good integrity. They are always 100% honest with their clients when it comes to expectations. White Shark Media also interacts with their clients proactively. They strive to deliver outstanding customer service to their clients, especially by responding to all emails and questions promptly.

In addition, White Shark Media has grown significantly. They now have businesses in three different countries. Moreover, the company now has over 150 active employees. White Shark Media plans to double the size of the company within the next few years. With expansion, the company also plans to gain more clients! Their number one goal is providing their clients with quality, cost effective marketing solutions.

It is important to note that White Shark Media was awarded with the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership award in 2014 by Google. This was a huge accomplishment for the company! This award was received just three years after opening. White Shark Media has a lot to be proud of!

Find out more about White Shark media : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/white-shark-media#/entity