Why FlockU Is Generating Excitement For Josh Verne

Some people have different ideas about what success can be in both business and life. It’s true that many people often equate success with having a steady paycheck and being able to afford nearly all the pleasures you can in life. But Josh Verne understands that’s not the case, and to him being successful is truly enjoying both your job and having time to spend with your family. Josh Verne used to be the manager of a furniture sales store that his family owned, and he just assumed that he would probably take it over one day and spend the rest of his life doing that. But he began to realize it wasn’t making him happy, so he moved to a new profession.


He and a friend started up a company called WorkPays.me, a business that allowed people to make online purchases directly from a bank account or even through their paycheck without needing a credit card or bank loan. Verne eventually sold WorkPays.me to Global Analytics, and then started FlockU. FlockU is a place where college students can start making money through writing articles covering a wide variety of topics, even controversial ones. Verne started this site with the idea of letting creativity flow and having a little fun with his work.


For Verne, to be a successful business leader you have to learn how to listen to others and have an open mind to ideas that come your way. Also, Verne believes having balance in both work and your personal life is also important, including taking time to exercise, spending time with your family, and spending money wisely.


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