Why You Should Air Condition with Goettl

Set up in 1939, Goettl boasts of over 78 years in the air conditioning business. It was set up by two brothers but has since changed ownership several times over the years. Currently, it is owned by Ken Goodrich who bought the business and turned it around. He was inspired by his father during a job and he became interested in the business ever since. When a chance rose to buy the company, Ken Goodrich took it up. Since then the company has expanded into areas such as Tuscon and Phoenix. Goettl recently added Moore Air Conditioning to its assets.


Before it was sold to Ken Goodrich, the company was faring very poorly in the market. It suffered from huge losses and the employees lacked morale. Ken Goodrich recognized that the key to the reshaping of the company was the employees’ cooperation. He increased their morale by motivating them and urging them to focus on the satisfaction of their customers instead of the annual revenues. Goettl also began participating in community projects around the area. This went a long way in rebuilding the trust of customers in the company.


Goettl Air Conditioning offers heating and air conditioning services both in terms of repair and the installation. It has an impressive track record in AC installation having offered both maintenance and repair services for decades. Another service offered by Goettl is the light commercial HVAC that is conducive for large buildings as it synchronizes all the heating and air conditioning systems in the building. Their equipment is of high quality and very modern. The company also offers indoor air quality services for homes that ensure the members are comfortable and prevents health risks. The company also addresses heat pumps and furnace problems, especially during winter.


One of the major reasons the company is so successful is that it is customer oriented. The technicians are all professionals who are vigorously trained to oversee all problems relating to air conditioning and heating. A major value in the company is honesty where the technicians present all the possible solutions to a specific problem and provide advice on the best alternative. They then let the customer decide before embarking on the project.


Other core values of Goettl Air Conditioning are; reliability at all times of the year, innovation of new products and methods, reliability in job completion, and quality service provision. The Goettl owner, Ken Goodrich, also takes a keen interest in all the projects. Selecting Goettl Air Conditioning for your projects also gets you a free flashlight.